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  VCSC Pongal Celebrations 2020
  Jan 13, 2020

Valingro Cultural and Sports Committee (VCSC) organized Pongal Celebrations for the Employees on Jan 13th, 2020. Employees showed their enthusiasm by wearing traditional attire on the joyous day.

The Tamil month 'Thai' signifies prosperity and new beginnings. Sweet pongal was prepared to mark this beginning and welcome the 'Thai' month. Traditional games and Family gatherings are a common sight in villages during the Pongal celebrations . A similar scenario was created at Valingro for the Employees to experience our Traditions. Games like Kolam & Rangoli competition, Sugarcane breaking, Uriyadi, Pambaram, Kallanga & 7 stones were conducted.


Uriyadi & 7 Stones

Sugarcane Breaking & Balloon collecting

Kallanga & Pambaram

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