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  Valingro salutes ISRO & its Scientists for the Chandrayaan-2 Mission
  Sep 09, 2019

A Mission like Chandrayann-2 to take an unmanned vehicle and land on the Moon was certainly a challenging one. But still ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and its Scientists put their efforts together to meet the challenge. With a perfect take-off, followed by scheduled orbits around the Earth and then the Moon, and then the perfect separation of the Orbiter & the Lander, a major part of the journey to the Moon was well accomplished.

Putting together a Mission of such proportion with good local resources and much lower cost, demands huge appreciation to ISRO & its Scientists. By this effort, a lot was learnt towards planning for India's next Mission.

While conveying our sincere appreciation for the good work done, we wish ISRO & its Scientists the very best towards many more Missions. Not only is the amount of information gained out of such explorations useful to Mankind, but importantly also develops India's younger generation to take on newer challenges.

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