The Thirukural is a classic Tamil Sangam Literature that deals with the everyday virtues of an individual. It was written somewhere between 4BC and 2BC. It is believed that God created Vedas for Mankind describing how to live and what rituals to follow. Man then created texts such as Thevaram, Thiruvasagam, etc in his devotion to God. Thirukural is creation by Man for Mankind.

Thirukural details the procedure of how to live. It has answers for all questions arising during the journey of life. What is right and what is wrong is clearly defined, ensuring that there is no grey area in-between.

Religion tells us about how to live (but added with Rituals). Whereas Thirukural tells about how to live but without Rituals, that’s why it is accepted worldwide by all religions.

Meaning of the name is : Thiru means “Holy”and Kural means brief verse or literary couplet. It was originally known as Muppaal.

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