Valingro® builds businesses that transcend time. We seek to harness Stakeholder potential within each of our companies to bring about sustained success, all the while ensuring what we stand for, namely Values, Innovation & Growth.

Our mission is "Perfecting & growing global deliveries while promoting a Values' based society". We do this through leadership in niche sectors. This requires us to grow aggressively in focused areas of business within the knowledge based economics. To ensure long term success, Valingro® brings to the table, ever improving best practices spanning Manufacturing to Development, HR to Finance, Vision to Execution.

Another important contribution by Valingro® into its companies is the growing momentum towards developing IP. This is critical to projecting our inherent strengths to the global community. IP ensures moving up the value chain which in turn helps to grow exponentially rather than follow the routine.

Valingro® makes a difference in the lives of it's over 1200 families through various corporate initiatives. Valingro® believes that business is not just about profit - it involves addressing every part of the ecosystem.

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