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  Rangoli & Painting competitions organized by VCSC
  Oct 2, 2009

The Valingro Cultural & Sports Committee (VCSC) organized its annual Rangoli & Painting competitions on Oct 2, 2009 to bring together the Employees along with their families. Participants from all group companies came together for a refreshing time of fun & fellowship.

Painting competition was organized in 2 batches (1st – 4 to 6 yrs ; 2nd – 6 to 10 yrs).

Rangoli competition was exclusively conducted for the Women Employees and Employees Spouse which was participated with great enthusiasm. The theme was “Global Warming or World Peace” and 3 members teams were given 60 minutes to do the rangoli.

Creativity of all the participants was excellent. Both Painting and Rangoli were judged for their creativity, maximum colors & space utilized.

The VCSC has conducted similar programs in the past including competitions for kids, magic show, Drama shows & corporate film screening.

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