Leadership Development

As part of its influencing presence in its niche businesses, Valingro® has been constantly investing in building its personnel into future Leaders. Continuous learning & development has always been our strong focus. We firmly believe and have seen that the best way to improve the company is to improve the people in the company. Values have been instrumental in inculcating a Long term perspective and have been fundamental to its growth strategy. Having started partly through its in-house training on Values, Valingro® is now geared to offer training programs to other organizations.
Springboards, a Valingro® initiative provides leadership development training that helps individuals & companies to improve their accountability, productivity & customer service. The training programs are structured to help individuals springboard to a better life. This in turn translates into better individuals working to make a better company.
For more details please visit: www.springboards.in or eMail: info@springboards.in
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