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  MSV 2019 - Roadshow by SICCI in Chennai
  Aug 17, 2019

A Roadshow seminar was organized by the Honorary Consulate of Czech Republic in Chennai in association with the Southern India Chamber of Commerce & Industries (SICCI) towards the MSV 2019 to be held in Brno, Czech Republic during Oct 7-11, 2019. The Event was conducted at Hotel Welcom, Chennai, located centrally in the city, on Aug 17, 2019.

Mr. Ar Rm Arun, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Chennai conceived this Roadshow and ensured a perfectly executed event in association with SICCI and this support was especially considering the relationship that was well established.

Mr. Milan Touš, Head of Commercial & Economic Section, Embassy of the Czech Republic travelled specifically from Delhi to join the Roadshow towards promoting MSV 2019.

Mr. R. Veeramani, Past President of SICCI & Chairman, Gem Group of Companies delivered a warm welcome speech. During his session he thoughtfully briefed the Audience and Mr. Touš that the Granite Stones laid in the Safdarjung Road, New Delhi was done thru his Company Gem Granites and the Crystals placed on the lane was from Czech Republic.

There was a good turnout of attendees, especially from across industries including Engineering, Automation, Manufacturing, IT, Education, Food-Appliances-Equipment, Logistics and Consultancy.

Mr. Arun during his address provided a good introduction about the Czech Republic. He briefed about India and the Czech Republic's growing partnership till date including the Indo-Czech friendship measures, Indian Government visits, Czech Government visits, India investment in the Czech and Czech investment in India. Mr. Arun addressed about Fostering Friendship among Tamil Nadu, Puducherry & Czech Republic including mutual areas that could be explored upon.

Mr. Arun also shared his personal experience on having visited the Brno Fair in 2017 and the significant attention that India received. While presenting the Czech Republic's strategic location in central Europe and market it offers Indian companies, he mentioned the new opportunities that MSV 2019 has to offer across Industries.

Mr. Arun conveyed to the audience that during Ambassador's & Mr. Arun's meeting with both the Industries Secretary Mr. Muruganandam, IAS and Special Secretary Mr. Arun Roy, IAS both Secretaries were extremely enthusiastic to explore increasing engagement between Tamil Nadu and the Czech Republic. During the meeting with the Secretaries several areas of cooperation have been discussed. Mr. Arun appreciated the representation of the Industries Department by Mr. Sajad Sadiq.

Mr. Arun also mentioned that suggestion has been given to the Industries Secretary to lead a Tamil Nadu delegation including MSMEs to MSV 2019 for which they were well receptive and we look forward to the same.

Mr. Milan Touš during his presentation, shared a useful video about MSV. He Delivered an effective PowerPoint giving detailed info about MSV 2019. Mr. Touš provided good details about the International Engineering Fair, briefing about the benefits and registration processes for attending MSV 2019. Mr. Touš also answered questions, especially relating to queries about getting Visas to visit MSV.

Mr. Sajad Sadiq, Investment Facilitator, Tamil Nadu Guidance Bureau, Industries Department showcased Tamil Nadu's strengths and progress being made. He presented about the scope and areas of interest available within the vast focus in Tamil Nadu. He requested Mr. Arun & Mr. Touš to try and bring Czech Companies to invest in Tamil Nadu and that Guidance Bureau is ready to extend the required support to incoming Investors He also conveyed in that he will work the Industries Department towards exploring a delegation to MSV 2019 in association with industry.

Mr. Raghavan, Secretary, SICCI requested Mr. Touš to provide a brief about the MSV 2019 with attractive contents as he could arrange to circulate to the entire members of SICCI which could be a promotion for MSV 2019.

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