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  Natronix-SPEL FY Q1 2014-15 Unaudited Results
  Jul 30, 2014

Natronix-SPEL Board considered the unaudited accounts for the FYQ1 2014-15. Sales was 11.47 Crores. The Company made a PAT of 14 Lakhs (118% Increase compared to the Corresponding Quarter), EBITDA to the tune of 3.70 Crores (22% increase compared to the Corresponding Quarter) & Cash Profit of 2.89 Crores (32% increase compared to the Corresponding Quarter).

The normal drivers of the Semiconductor industry's growth, computing, consumer electronics and automotive electronics, are showing signs of recovery due to reduced inventory levels. This combined with Natronix-SPEL efforts to reduce all-round expenses & strong dollar helped to post a healthy turn around.

The situation is expected to be stable for rest of FY 2014-15. Natronix-SPEL is also working on new strategies to tap various other business opportunities.

Statement of Standalone Unaudited Financial Results for the quarter ended Jun 30, 2014.  

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