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  Natronix-SPEL FY Q1 2015-16 Unaudited Results
  Jul 23, 2015

Natronix-SPEL Board considered the audited financial results for the FY Q1 2015-16. The sales during the quarter declined to 5.56 Cr as against 8.32 Cr in the previous quarter. The Company has made a Net loss of 3.64 Crores during the quarter.

The results / sales of the current quarter have been affected by labour unrest since mid Apr 2015 for a period of 66 days and normalcy has now been restored.

Since business remained largely unaffected with many Core and Important Customers still giving good orders the outlook for rest FY 2015-16 is still positive.

Statement of Standalone Unaudited Financial Results for the quarter ended Jun 30, 2015.  

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