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  Launch of Leadership programs for kids by Springboards
  Apr 30, 2011

Springboards, the Leadership Training initiative of Valingro Exponenta Limited is happy to announce the launch of its Leadership programs for kids.


Stepping Stones - a specially designed Leadership Sumer camp for Pre-Teens & teens was conducted in April 2011 for kids in the age group of 10-16. The aim of the camp is to help students enhance their skills in Communication, Leadership, Debate, Social Behaviour and personality. The week long camp was facilitated by a team of trainers who are passionate about imparting Life skills using innovative methods such as group discussions on Movies, Fun Cooking, group games, Quiz & music.


The camp was executed with the help of ASK (Assess, Seek & Know) the Knowledge Partner & a Library Partner Longlongago. The Participants were motivated to be work in teams, Learn new skills, pursue reading, be responsible by knowing their potential & be aware of their time management skills. The camp culminated with a parenting seminar, that help them understand their child's strengths & concern areas. Detailed discussion with each parent were help to enable them to be ready to provide the appropriate support for on-going progress.


There is a significant difference between a traditional summer camp and the kind that emphasizes positive leadership values on a daily basis. Most camps are concerned games and activities involving arts & crafts alone--good for little kids, perhaps, but hardly the stuff of lasting life skills. That's why at Stepping Stones, we go out of our way to instil essential values in all the kids. Our emphasis on leadership helps us in developing an extensive curriculum devoted to such principles for many years.


Stepping Stones was also facilitated as a in-house program for a Major Auto components Manufacturing Company in Chennai , with about 45 participants in May 2011.


Stepping Stones will be held again in the last week of May 2011, due to demand from those who could not attend the earlier help camp in April 2011.


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