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  Valingro Vision Summit 2014
  Dec 10, 2014

Valingro Vision Summit 2014, the annual Visioning experience of Valingro was held on Dec 10, 2014 in Chennai. Valingro's Business Heads, Management Teams, Key & Young Leaders attended the Summit. The Theme for 2014 was "Performance Oriented Follow-ups & Effective Communications".

Mr. Ar Rm Arun, Chairman, Valingro delivered a presentation explaining the Theme and stressing how Effective Communications & performance Oriented Follow-ups will guide towards achieving Vision within each of the Group Companies. Mr. Arun also highlighted to the participants about "Encourage S-E-C" within each of the Companies and their Families.

Mr. Ar Rm Arun presented awards to outstanding performers from the Valingro Group. Senior Officials of the Group delivered focused presentations emphasizing the theme. An interactive Panel Discussion on the Theme was done by the Group Executives. Mr. Vikram R. Arun, enthralled the participants with an fun teamwork activity on Marketing strategies to be paid attention to.

This year's Management speaker was a well-known Industry personality who effectively presented technologies to gauge Performance of Employees within each sector. The Lifestyle speaker this year was a Senior Dietician who presented proper eating habits, adding valuable recommendations for an effective work-life balance.

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