Vaingro Logo
" If I can't make it through one door, I'll go through another door - or I'll make a door "
- Ravindranath Tagore

" If I can't make it through one door, I'll go through another door - or I'll make a door " 

– Ravindranath Tagore

About our Logo

Our logo is a graphic presentation of our company name. Valingro® is a combination of 3 pillars for a successful company namely Values, Innovation & Growth. These 3 pillars are represented as follows :

Values : We start with Values because Values keep the organization stable & focused to the common goal. Values are important building blocks of an organization’s culture. The Values that contribute to synergetic work culture may be manifested both at the abstract level (myth, symbol, codes of relationship, and modes of expression, etc.) and at the concrete level (dress, food, language, art forms, etc.). Values have been instrumental in inculcating a Long term perspective instead of the hit & run philosophy. Values also help achieve the mission to bring measurable benefits to all Stakeholders.

Values are depicted by the color blue, the element is an upright triangle.

Innovation : An important contribution by Valingro® into its companies is the constant perusal & momentum towards developing IP. Moving up the value chain which in turn helps to grow exponentially rather than follow the normal routine growth path. Long term thinking and approach thus enable a company to focus and be well on target while planning & growing.

The light rays within the blue triangle is a symbol of innovation.

Growth : Companies looking to differentiate themselves and achieve their super-growth objectives, managing incremental innovation to sustain the core business is not enough. They need to look for breakthrough and even disruptive opportunities to generate revenues and profits from currently non-existent sources. Innovation can no longer be left to chance. To achieve profitable growth, companies need to have a disciplined and repeatable formula to rapidly convert insights and ideas into tangible value. Growth is essential and will ultimately decide how good the innovation is.

Shown by the color green as well as the triangle tilted toward the top-right which is also the direction of growth.