Valingro® seeks to facilitate, develop & build enterprises girded by Values that have stood the test of time.
Valingro® is involved in creating companies concentrating on global competitiveness, leveraging global opportunities and acquiring global capabilities. The spirit of excellence pervades every business task we undertake.
Corporate Philosophy
The world is moving at a tremendous pace. Countries are more connected now more than before, bringing them increasingly closer by the day. Companies have however not moved fast enough and many people still don’t see the need for significant change.

Not only is the need for change crucial, but it is also important to guide that change, making it worthwhile, and that change has to be embodied through people & processes.
Valingro® strives to build “businesses that transcend time”. Business excellence has been embedded in Valingro® through processes & methodologies that enable companies to heed the call of quality.
We are therefore creating companies that will sustain & grow no matter what. In a world of infinite possibilities, we welcome every opportunity that extends the boundaries of our own capabilities. Every challenge sparks off a whole new way of thinking, in our relentless pursuit of growth & excellence.
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